Below are some different points we would like you to know before browsing the site. Please take them into consideration and keep an open mind. 😉

  1. We are dancers passionate about lindy-hop and vernacular jazz. We are not professional dancers.
  2. We hope that the wider community will help expand on this bank by sharing their knowledge with us.
  3. We see this website as a tool for sharing and learning. It is not perfect and we welcome suggestions for improvement.
  4. We included steps that might not be vernacular jazz steps, but which we often see in modern solo jazz.
  5. The way we classified the jazz movements is purely subjective.
  6. “The only count I know is Basie”.
  7. We see this website as a way to share our passion for the dance we love, but we want to emphasize that we don’t think it is a replacement for a teacher. We want to encourage everyone to never stop take classes!
  8. To avoid property rights issues, we decided not to use music in our videos.
  9. Feel free to tell us if any of the reference or didactic videos we’ve included don’t seem correct, relevant, or appropriate to you. As mentioned above – we welcome feedback!
  10. Our community here in Montreal is largely francophone – all our counts are in French. 😉